Wednesday, June 4

"Not exactly the otimo scenario."

Tava a passear pela avenida central em Braga e tropecei neste post que surrupio na totalidade:

«Google, it could be said, conquered its first Romance language last week. The Portuguese parliament voted last week to change its national language to reflect the more popular Brazilian Portuguese, the language used by about 80 percent of the world’s 230 million Portuguese speakers. In the next six years, European Portuguese will be phasing in three new consonants – k, w and y – and dropping confusing hyphens and silent consonants. So from now on, when you are IM-ing a Portuguese beauty, the correct style is otimo, not optimo, when she suggests meeting for a drink.»

[Times Online]


At 02:05, Blogger Kordump said...

queria aprioveitar para agradecer atimes para cortar o que restava dos quilhos de portugal...

At 09:45, Blogger alice said...

boa! Tinha lido esse artigo no papel, mas andava à procura do link.


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